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      What is it?

      eduroam allows De Montfort University staff and students to take their wireless devices to other educational institutions worldwide, that support eduroam, and connect using their De Montfort University username and password.


      Getting ready before you go

      Once you are set up to use the eduroam wireless network at De Montfort University, you are set up to use it worldwide.


      Where is it available?

      Anywhere you see the logo below

      eduroam Logo

      For more information about eduroam worldwide, please click here


      How do I configure eduroam on my device?

      We currently only support the following device types. Please select the relevant link below for detailed instructions:

      If you are a member of DMU Staff, please see the note below this list.

      o Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad
      o Apple OS X
      o Google Android
      o Linux (PDF), Ubuntu Configuration Script and Trusted Root Certificate (Right click, then Save As / Save Link As)
      o Microsoft Windows 7
      o Microsoft Windows 8 / 8.1
      o Microsoft Windows 10
      o Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and 10


      Please note that the guides are written for student logins.  For members of staff, your username is your computer login followed by @ and your password is the one you use to login to your computer.

      For example, your username should look like: aperso00@ - this is not your e-mail address.


      Terms of use

      All users of the eduroam service are required to adhere to our Use Of Computers Policy and any equivalent policies of the academic institution they are visiting, and the Users section of the ทางเข้าslotxo joker123ล่าสุด.


      Windows Installers (DMU Use Only)

      (c)2017 De Montfort University
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